Sunshine, skin cancer and vitamin D

Dr Sarah Myhill explains why sunshine exposure is fundamentally important for our health, while Big Pharma continues its endless fear campaign to maximise profits

All life exists under the Sun and harnesses its rays to benefit its manifold forms. Humans evolved in Africa exposed to 12 hours of daily, strong sunshine. This is essential for the synthesis of vitamin D from the action of ultraviolet light on cholesterol in the skin. So important is this process that, as humans migrated North, skins became paler in order that, as light intensity fell, vitamin D could be synthesised even faster. Sunshine is vital to all life.

The entire spectrum of light from sunshine is employed by the body to its advantage. Far infrared, near infrared and red light are antimicrobial and help to kill all infections, the former also stimulating melatonin production in the gut. Sunshine also improves energy delivery mechanisms via its effect on mitochondrial function and circulation by maintaining 4th phase or ‘exclusion zone’ (EZ) water [see issue 106 – Ed]. Full spectrum, visible light makes us happy – the lack of winter light contributes to the depression of SAD (seasonal affective disorder). Of course, it is ultraviolet light (UVB wavelength specifically) that makes vitamin D in the skin.

Vitamin D’s multiple benefits

Vitamin D is one of the most vital and under-rated vitamins (more accurately defined as a fat-soluble, steroid pre-hormone). The reason is simple. Doctors are now educated by Big Pharma, whose mantra is ‘A patient cured is a customer lost’. Their starting point is to use propaganda to whitewash cheap, safe and effective natural therapies. The public has been persuaded to believe that vitamin supplements only produce expensive urine and we can get all we need from our diet. Nonsense! Big Pharma wants a sick population taking symptom-suppressing drugs for life and this is what happens when people consume Big Farmer-driven, addictive, high-carb diets and do not take nutritional supplements. Governments want people running their lives on addiction, then passing prematurely before pensionable age. Westerners are dying from two causes: addiction and ignorance; both are highly profitable.

Vitamin D has multiple health benefits.A 2021 study showed that having a vitamin D level above 125nmol/l (50ng/ml) affords a risk of death from Covid-19 that is effectively zero. It is essential to prevent and treat osteoporosis; the problem here is that the dose recommended by orthodox medical bodies (and Big Pharma-supported) of 600IU is so low that this intervention is bound to fail. Indeed, this dose has been designed to tarnish the reputation of vitamin D. Every cell in the body has vitamin D receptors, which explains its wide-ranging function and impact on almost any chronic disease. The fact is we all need 10,000IU of vitamin D daily for life. At this level there has been zero cases of vitamin D overdose.

A new book on the latest evidence for vitamin D by two, very knowledgeable, British doctors, discusses the evidence for its success against Covid and other viral illnesses, covering topics such as latitude and skin colour, and also endorses my view that we need 10,000IU a day from all sources. Fig 1 illustrates the range of vitamin D deficiency causes and associated illnesses.

Cancer protective

Vitamin D is also highly protective against cancer. So is sunshine. We should be getting as much sunshine as we possibly can, without burning the skin, which means gradually increasing exposure. This applies to all skin types – the fairer your skin, the faster you make vitamin D; the darker your skin the greater the need for sunshine. 

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