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Caduceus issue 98 – print


Issue 98, Spring 2018

Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy project
Showing Her Majesty’s worldwide commitment to supporting forests and Nature

Cancer wars: history of medical orthodoxy’s suppression of natural treatments
In Part 1 of a 2-part article, Martin J Walker exposes how the medical industrial complex criminalised effective non-drug cancer therapies

Shi‘i Islam the way of the prophetic family
Dr Rebecca Masterton describes the origin of Islam and how and why it divided into two primary sects

Connecting light, vision and consciousness
American light pioneer, Dr Jacob Liberman explains how to find ‘presence’, extracted from his new book

The Hidden Life of Trees
Fred Hageneder critiques the ideas of Peter Wohlleben’s bestseller on the life of trees and forests

Antibiotics can seriously affect your mental health
Stephen McMurray reveals the range of psychiatric symptoms that antibiotics can trigger

Regular columns

New Global Festivals – Steve Nation
Discerning truth in an interdependent world

Poetry: In Tune with the Spirit
Jay Ramsay presents the work of new contemporary poets

Statin Nation; My Shakespeare: The Authorship Controversy; The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life; Poseidon’s Realm – A voyage around the Aegean; The Heart Explosion; Living in Two Worlds; Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox

Medical students demand nutrition education; Grassroot groups get cosmetic firm’s support; 1st International Day of Light; Transformational Sound Therapy; Deadly glioblastoma multiforme doubles in UK in 20 years; Children with Cancer’s September London conference; Meditators more resilient to old age mental decline