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Caduceus issue 92 – print


Issue 92, Winter 2015

The Holy Land – from conflict to harmony
Michael Kenton describes his experiences during a trip to Israel

Uncovering the authentic historical Jesus
Barry Page discusses the evidence that Jesus married, had children and survived his crucifixion

The Great Work – healing the world by collective meditation
Dr Roger Taylor discusses research showing that collective meditation can directly effect human behaviour

Rewards of a dreaming pilgrim
Lawrence Main describes his profound dreams sleeping in some of the UK’s major megalithic sites

Transformation with Silene Capensis and the I Ching
Shenpen Chokyi reveals her deep experiences with African Dream Root and insights with the I Ching

Iodine deficiency epidemic underlies many modern illnesses
Dr David Brownstein explores the range of health problems caused and how to test your iodine status

Regular columns

New Global Festivals – Steve Nation
Seeing the big picture

Poetry: In Tune with the Spirit
Jay Ramsay presents the work of new contemporary poets

Stop the Thyroid Madness; Science for Sale; ReWild Yourself: Becoming Nature;
Ecozoa; The Beauty; Poems of the Infinite and Eternal; Statins Toxic Side Effects;
The Life of Paramahansa Yogananda (DVD)

Monsanto to be tried for crimes against humanity; Self-Realization Fellowship 2015 World Convocation; We Don’t Vaccinate documentary; Antibiotic use in agriculture linked to human resistance; Ecotherapy creates positivity in cancer patients

Cover: Young meditating monks in Thailand; inset: Paramahansa Yogananda