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Caduceus issue 90 – print


Issue 90, Winter 2014

Life after death study supports survival
Largest-ever study finds awareness continues after brain shuts down

Coconut oil benefits Alzheimer’s sufferers
Bruce Fife examines studies of its beneficial properties involving medium chain fatty acids and ketones

101 references support positive effects of saturated fats and cholesterol
Dr Rajendra Sharma describes its wide-ranging effects on one’s health, liver and cholesterol

Rosslyn Chapel – the Rose of the world
Claire Nahmad explores the Rose-line and the Chapel’s relationship to the Holy Grail

The ‘frozen music’ within Rosslyn
Richard Merrick reveals the sacred meanings and musical knowledge concealed in its architecture

Revealing plant perception at Damanhur
Tigrilla Gardenia describes her research into plants’ ability to create and communicate music

Ebola – how it started and how it might end
Dr Robert Verkerk asks ‘What’s really going on in West Africa’ – and the first cure using ozone

Regular columns

New Global Festivals – Steve Nation
The Year of Light

Poetry: In Tune with the Spirit
Jay Ramsay presents the work of new contemporary poets

The Lost Gospel
Shungite: Protection, Healing and Detoxification
Stop Alzheimer’s Now!
The Toltec Secret: Dreaming Practices of the Ancient Mexicans
In the Garden of Flames

Saturated fats warnings ‘should never have been issued’; Overuse of OTC drugs
increases dementia risk; Images of Iona Tricker exhibition; TTIP – European objectors exceed 1.4m; French pass law on EMFs, WiFi and ES – a world first; CDC whistleblower exposes (another) MMR study fraud; Dreamers Path School of Nahualism

Cover: Tigrilla Gardenia, at Damanhur Spiritual EcoCommunity in Italy