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Caduceus issue 75 – print


Issue 75: Spring – Summer 2008

  • Funny faces help dissolve fear
    Eliyahu McLean of the Jerusalem Peacemakers on an unusual project
  • Journey to the Heart, by William Gethin
    Preserving the way of life of the Peruvian Indians
  • ‘Little Tibet’ — investing in the future of Ladakh, by Philip Cornwell
    The aims of the charity that is building the Druk White Lotus School
  • Healing the soul – way of the shaman, by Karen Sawyer
    Entering the realms the shaman inhabits to bring about healing
  • Iodine – high doses treat the thyroid, breast disease and cancer, by Prof Donald Miller
    US doctors are using high doses to detox the thyroid and treat breast disease
  • Government ‘Goliath’ felled by dogged ‘David’, by Dr Chris Busby
    Mark Purdey’s courageous quest to expose the denial behind the BSE fiasco
  • Reclaiming the sacred voice, by Susan Elizabeth Hale
    Exploring the power of the voice to re-connect us to the sacred

New Global Festivals – Steve Nation
Climate change, poverty and the heart-centred will

Poetry: In Tune with the Spirit
Jay Ramsay examines the poetry of Vernon Watkins

Astrology – Melanie Reinhart
Focus shifts from Fire to Earth

Sound: James D’Angelo reviews two albums by sound healer Jonathan Goldman

Books: Iodine – Why you need it, why you can’t live without it; The Book of Tibetan
Medicine; The Transition Handbook; Alexander Thom: Cracking the Stone Age Code;
Food is better Medicine than Drugs

International Glass Festival 2008
Legal action only option says ANH if EC does not alter course on supplements
Transforming the medical model from within
Hazard fears in 80 percent of 952 sunscreens
Low vitamin D linked to death from all causes