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Caduceus issue 73 – print


Issue 73: Autumn 2007

Reaching beyond the surface

  • Burma’s cry for freedom – time to act
  • Drawing the inside out
    Mike Chase describes working with masks to face fears on the therapeutic journey — as part of the International Mask Festival at Stourbridge
  • The music of the megaliths
    Marke Pawson reveals the links between megalithic design, music and the cosmos
  • Vaastu – design for living in harmony with Nature
    Thomas Royer examines the principles of this oldest approach to architecture
  • From healing Ayurveda to centred stillness
    Sarida Brown explores her cleansing experience of authentic Ayurveda at a Sri Lankan spa
  • Healer, super-food – and free
    Zoë Hawes shows how research is supporting old folk-tales about the properties of nettle
  • The enigmatic hexagon on Saturn
    John Reid proposes that sound is the key to understanding the planet’s unexplained structure
  • Dancing the Wheel of Life
    Will Gethin reports on a major UK residential conference for shamanic practitioners

New Global Festivals – Steve Nation
International Day for Non-Violence/Be The Change 2007

Poetry: In Tune with Spirit
Jay Ramsay examines Edwin Muir’s The Castle

Sound: James D’Angelo describes The Song of the Earth ‘acoustic sound ritual’ in Gloucester Cathedral

Books: The Oxygen Prescription; Sacred Sound, Sacred Space; Last Child in the Woods; Time Stands Still; Confessions to a Womaniser – Secrets of the world’s inspirational women

Mobile phone use for over 10 years increases cancer risk
1,000 US doctors and scientists demand ban on fluoridation
Prof Ernst knocks herbal medicine; Death of Pam Perry