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Caduceus issue 109 – print


Issue 109, Spring 2023


Lockdowns – ‘a global policy failure that must never be repeated’
Editor Simon Best analyses a landmark study that concludes that the benefits of the lockdown policy were ‘a drop in the bucket compared to the staggering collateral costs’ imposed

Covid vaccines must be suspended and a full inquiry launched into their approval by MHRA, say experts
Daily Sceptic journalist Will Jones highlights a scathing report by the Perseus Group

Whose job is it to ensure the MHRA is competent?
Nick Hunt exposes further issues that question MRHA’s competence

General Medical Council not fit for purpose
Dr Sarah Myhill describes her persecution by the GMC in 38(!) cases and reveals their ignorance, incompetence and endless bias to defend the pro-Pharma, medical status quo

Recognising exposure to and combatting aluminium toxicity
Based on his book, Professor Christopher Exley describes the evidence from his 35+ years of research of Al’s toxicity in autism, Alzheimer’s, vaccine adjuvants, etc, as well as silica’s ability to detox it 

US EPA delayed major report confirming fluoride’s toxicity
Dr Joseph Mercola exposes the history of the cover-up in the US of fluoride’s toxicity and the legal actions forcing the evidence to be finally revealed

Water fluoridation expansion plans threaten rest of UK
Joy Warren, National Coordinator of the Fluoride Free Alliance UK, alerts readers to the Government’s agenda and upcoming, North-East consultation

Janus faces of Mind and Brain: Perennial philosophy meets neuroscience
Dr Edi Bilimoria explores the interconnections and contradictions between ancient models of the mind and modern research on the brain

Accessing the real Self though the yoga of vocal sound
Dr James D’Angelo describes how to use three primary sounds to achieve union with our true Self

The Climate Book
Peter Taylor strongly critiques the new ‘bible’ of the alarmists

Regular columns

Editor Dawn Gorman presents poems focusing on the nature of home

TOXIC LEGACY How the Weedkiller Glyphosate is Destroying Our Health and the Environment; Spiritual Awakenings Scientists and Academics Describe Their Experiences; “Cause Unknown” – The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 and 2022; Ledger; Rite of Passage

WCH hosts second Better Way Conference in Bath; Action Against 5G to appeal Judicial Review judgment; Lockdown charges dropped against two Stroud campaigners.
Water firms fined £10m for sewage spills as bosses take £30m bonuses.