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Caduceus issue 107 – print


Issue 107, Spring 202


Better Way Conference report
by the Editor and Kerry Murray
Coverage of the very well received, inaugural, 3-day event in Bath

Searching for the elusive Covid-19 virus
by Dr Tom Cowan 
Presents evidence that questions whether the Sars-Cov2 ‘virus’ actually exists

Sunshine more important than vitamin D?
by Dr Joseph Mercola 
Examines the evidence of a range of benefits from solar-generated melatonin

Spike protein detox guide
by the World Council for Health
Herbal and other medicines to clear viral and vaccine-induced spike proteins

Plants serve historical and modern-day medicine
by John Akeroyd, Donough O’Brien and Liz Cowley
Authors of Plants & Us reveal how plants have influenced health and medicine

Encounters with Sadhguru Sri Sharavana Baba
Jean Morris critiques the startling revelations in this recent book

The Matter with Things
by Dr Iain McGilchrist
Discusses what he aimed to achieve in writing his new magnum opus

regular columns

Editor Dawn Gorman presents poems focusing on our connection with plants

VIRAL – The Search for the Origin of Covid-19; Deuterium Depletion – A New Way in Curing Cancer and Preserving Health; Magical Britain – 650 Enchanted and Mystical Sites: From healing wells and secret shrines to giants’ strongholds and fairy glens; Words With Wings; Healthy Planet – Global meltdown or global healing

WHO meets to attempt a Pandemic Treaty power grab; ‘Health misinformation’ – new addition to Online Safety Bill; No jab, lower hospitalisations, international survey finds; Over 1,625 Covid patients treated with nutrition only – and just one death!; Action Against 5G wins Appeal

Thich Nhat Hanh; Dr Cyril Smith