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Caduceus issue 105 – print


Issue 105, Spring 2021


Legal actions launched against individuals, officials and governments
by the Editor
Tide turns as individuals take action against abuses of power

Covid-19 virus came out of a laboratory – the proof
In an interview Prof Angus Dalgleish explains the evidence for the virus’ origin

Glyphosate, deuterium, air pollution and Covid-19
Dr Stephanie Seneff, leading MIT scientist, argues that glyphosate is increasing the spread of Covid-19

Ivermectin: new UK analysis endorses it to treat Covid
Dr Tess Lawrie and her BIRD team’s new paper and the efforts to combat disinformation

514+ Covid patients treated with only nutrition – all recovered, NO deaths­
American Dr David Brownstein updates his nutrition-only treatment and his astonishing latest results

Protect yourself from Covid-19 by boosting your immune system
Dr Joseph Mercola assesses nutrients that are helpful to prevent – and treat – Covid-19.

Did those feet walk upon Devon’s pastures green?
Mark Herbert, in part 3 of his article, builds more evidence supporting Burgh Island as the mythical Ictis

Ideological Constructs of Vaccination
Dr Richard House presents a detailed analysis of this important book by Dr Mateja Černič

regular columns

Editor Dawn Gorman selects poems focusing on the theme of the oneness of all

A State of Fear – How the UK Government weaponised fear during the Covid-19 pandemic; Staying Alive in Toxic Times – A seasonal guide to lifelong health; The Struggle for a Human Future – 5G, Augmented Reality and the Internet of Things; Chakra Healing Therapy – Awaken Spiritual Energies and Heal Emotional Wounds; Between the lslands; The Case Against Masks – Ten reasons why mask use should be limited 

NEJM report conceals shocking incidence of spontaneous abortion; Patent document reveals DARPA possibly created Covid with Gates, Defra, Pirbright Institute and others; Tribute: Ian Crane