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Caduceus issue 104 – print


Issue 104, Winter 2020–21


From more misinformation and lies to sources of truth
by the Editor
Importance of reliable sources to separate truth from the untruths

Vitamin D deficiency: Understanding its essential role in the Covid-19 crisis 4
by Dr David Grimes
Presents main evidence for supplementation at the correct level to boost the immune system

Over 200 scientists and doctors call for increased vitamin D use to combat Covid-19
Open Letter to all governments to raise supplementation dosage

Importance of your microbiome – quality nutrition protects your health
by Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride
Argues we should boost our immune systems with quality, animal-based foods

Edgar Cayce’s prophecies for the times we are living through
by Mark Finnan
The ‘Sleeping Prophet’s relevant readings for our current turbulent times

Did those feet walk upon Devon’s pastures green?
by Mark Herbert
Part 2 of his article builds more evidence supporting Burgh Island as the mythical Ictis

Brave New World of Covid vaccines
by Dr Robert Verkerk
Examines the new class of Covid vaccines, their potential adverse effects and the minimum information needed to give ‘informed’ consent

regular columns

New editor Dawn Gorman selects poems capturing the theme of the Ever-Presents

ONENESS vs the 1% – Shattering Illusions, Seeding Freedom; It’s All in Your Mouth; The Kefir Solution; Mitochondria and the Future of Medicine; CORONA False Alarm? Facts and Figures; The Invisible Rainbow (Pb)

Boost your immune system with nutrition especially vitamin D and C; Vitamin C for Covid petition; Paramahansa Yogananda’s SRF celebrates 100 years; Tribute: Warren Kenton