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Caduceus issue 103 – print


Issue 103, Summer 2020


Collusion, suppression and the pro-vaccine agenda
by the Editor
Spotlights a pro-vaccine agenda that dismisses any nutritional solution

Did those feet walk upon Devon’s pastures green?
by Mark Herbert
Gathers the evidence for Joseph of Arimathea’s burial place being
in Devon

Vitamin D3 reduces Covid-19 infections
by Dr Nigel Rulewski
Evidence that it cuts severe illness and risk of death in at-risk groups

Vitamin C’s use to treat Covid-19
by Dr Thomas Levy
Presents the evidence and success by US and Chinese doctors using IVC

‘I’ve lost all trust in medical research’
by Dr Malcolm Kendrick
Explains why he no longer believes much of medical research due to Big Pharma’s corrupting influence

Foreword to Plague of Corruption
by Robert F Kennedy Jr
Reveals the scandalous collusion by authorities and Big Pharma to promote vaccines at all costs, even when they had been proved to cause damage

No deaths in 107 Covid-19 patients treated with nutritional therapies
First study, led by American Dr David Brownstein, to prove that nutrition alone can treat Covid patients successfully

regular columns

Editor Kevan Manwaring presents poems focused on now to Begin Again

IODINE: Why you need it, why you can’t live without it, 5th edn; HIDDEN DANGERS 5G; CROOKED SOLEY: A crop circle revelation; Silver Branch: Bardic Poems and Letters to a Young Bard; BITTEN: The Secret History of Lyme Disease and Biological Weapons

Doctors for Truth movement goes global speaking out against pandemic narrative; Doctors Speak Out Protest, 29th August; Protest grows against the Gates/Fauci vaccine agenda; Government wants to stop cancer patients choosing natural therapies; Glyphosate levels in children and adults drop dramatically after one week of eating organic; 700 doctors and scientists demand moratorium on 5G roll-out in the US; UK legal case against 5G launched; Parliamentary petition on 5G; Global 5G Protest Day, 26th September; Renowned spiritual leader opens new London temple; Crop circle appears to reflect Covid virus; Professor Keith Critchlow, 1933-2020