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Caduceus issue 102 – print




Issue 102, Spring 2020: £4.00

Vitamin C protects against Coronavirus
by Dr Andrew Saul, Editor of the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine
Details the evidence and its use by Chinese doctors

Vitamin C prevents infant vaccine damage
by Walter Last
Recounts the pioneering work of two Australian doctors

Pitch battles – Does pitch really affect our physiology?
by John Stuart Reid
Takes a scientific look at concert pitch and how music affects us

Climate change – The science continues to challenge the media hype
by Peter Taylor
Argues that the evidence does not support the extent of media hype about the threat

Climate activism and the money trail
by F William Engdahl
Reveals the huge number of powerful financial groups behind the global movement for their own profit

Discovery of the lost Stonehenge Zodiac
by Fionn Rawnsley
Describes his search to reveal the terrestrial zodiac and its significance in mapping the Pole Star

Regular Columns

Poetry editor Kevan Manwaring presents poems focused on being awake to life

The Salt Fix; MEGALITH Studies in Stone; The Power of Centre; Albion Dreamtime – Re-enchanting the Isle of Dragons; The Mother Country: Poems Exploring Dispossession; Ney – Rumi’s Sacred Flute (CD)

Shanghai Government officially recommends vitamin C for ­­­COVID-19 / First Global Day of protest against 5G / Google censors health care information / ‘Freed’ Lynda Thyer still in prison due to French law travesty / Glyphosate and Roundup proven to disrupt gut microbiome