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Caduceus issue 100 – print


Issue 100, Spring 2019

Caduceus – our first 100 issues
Founder Sarida Brown recalls the beginnings of Caduceus and, together with editor Simon Best, remembers some special issues

Tributes to Jay Ramsay (1958-2018)
Kevan Manwaring leads friends and fellow poets in their memories of Jay

Dartington and the Sirius connection
by Mark Herbert
Presents evidence of a strange link between the building and the star system

Pitch battle: 432Hz vs 440Hz – history of the International Standard
by John Stuart Reid
Part 1 article looks at the origins of concert pitch and the ongoing controversy

Vitamin C – our most important defence weapon
by Dr Sarah Myhill
Makes her case for using high doses of the vitamin at the first sign of infection

Where Truth is Hid
by Alan Green
Part 1 article reveals some of the amazing codes and mathematical knowledge he has discovered concealed in the Bard’s Sonnets

Dowsing – exploring its range, joys and benefits
by Matthew French
Demonstrates the art of dowsing both the outer and inner worlds

Stop 5G – Call to action
by Simon Best
Fears and evidence of harm grow as as nationwide roll-out looms

Regular Columns

Catafalque – Carl Jung and the End of Humanity; Unholyland – The Trilogy; The Dream: A Spiritual Journey of Self-Healing; In the Shadow of the Machine; IN BETWEEN; Prayer Energy; Opening the Door to the Worlds; Ditch Vision – essays on poetry, nature and place; (The Dangerous Book)

Thich Nhat Hanh awaits his time of transition / Misleading newspaper attack on expert’s challenging vaccine/aluminium study / French Court recognises electromagnetic sensitivity as an occupational disease / State of the Climate 2018 report allays fears of global warming / NICE calls for lower BP criteria as statin study finds raised type 2 diabetes risk / Wikipedia’s anti-natural medicine collusion / Monsanto fined $80m