Issue 110 Editorial

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by Simon Best

As the cover proclaims, the main health topic in this issue is boron’s very positive effect on arthritis and related illnesses. Author Walter Last was a very dedicated, Australian biochemist, who researched many health topics, and his website lists his wide-ranging articles. He describes Dr Rex Newnham’s pioneering use of boron in the form of borax to treat and, in most cases, eliminate arthritis until Big Pharma interests persuaded the Australian authorities to ban borax. But the word still got out and many sufferers continue to use it, with gratifying results. A recent review of the evidence summarises boron’s many functions in the body.

Brave MP Andrew Bridgen was finally allowed to give his House of Commons speech on excess deaths since the Covid ‘vaccine’ rollout. His evidence-based presentation revealed data and statistics that the mainstream media – and the Government, SAGE and the JVCI – refuse to accept or discuss, thus betraying and deceiving the British public over the ‘vaccine’s effectiveness and lack of safety testing.

Butter is regaining its nutritional status and the American Weston A Price Foundation has been one of its leading advocates. Here health information from their leaflet on butter is reprinted to detail its many benefits, while similar information from their leaflet on soy discusses the differences between fermented and unfermented soy and why ingesting large amounts of the latter leads to health problems.

The relationship between sunshine, melanoma and vitamin D is explained by Dr Sarah Myhill, who argues that the extensive use of toxic sunscreens is mainly responsible for the rising incidence of melanoma, which is indicated by country data she presents. She advocates getting the optimum amount of vitamin D, while avoiding the toxic chemicals in so many commercial sunscreens.

Dr Jayne Donegan’s description of her treatment by the GMC is yet another saga of their incompetence, spite and persecution of any doctors who won’t toe the party line, especially over the official Covid narrative. (See issue 109 for their persecution of Dr Myhill – and their very questionable use and investment of the annual registration fee, as revealed by a BMJ investigation, that has led some to consider it is unfit for purpose.) Dr Donegan catalogues its deliberate spitefulness in not allowing her to de-register so that it could bring specious cases against her. Highlighting its utterly reprehensible behaviour, she is now relieved to have removed herself from the national register and be finally free of it.

In a challenging article, Biblical scholar Dr Paul McGrane assesses the evidence for the historical Jesus and Judas as described in the gospels and reveals a level of confusion around their true roles, identities and agendas. He suggests that accounts of their activities have led to wrong interpretations of their true intentions, while errors in dating have also muddled the waters. His sceptical views will probably stimulate a strong response, which will be reflected in the next issue.

Of the stimulating reviews, some are highlighted on the cover, featuring the war on ivermectin, vitamin D and the need for a great biology reset, and a protocol that has successfully treated over 7,000 Covid patients (now over 20,000!) without a single death!

Finally, a flyer (above) is included with this issue in the hope that readers will persuade friends and relatives to buy individual issues or a subscription. Just one new subscriber from every reader would transform Caduceus’ fortunes in these challenging times. It would also encourage me to feel it is worth continuing to put in the time, effort and energy to produce what is, essentially, a labour of love. Speaking of which, we wish you an abundance of the latter in the approaching festive season – the world is certainly in dire need of it if we are to stem the cycle of endless violence in the ‘Holy Land’.

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