Issue 108 Editorial

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by Simon Best

There are a number of very important topics in this issue but perhaps the most dramatic are the revelations of the extent, duration and worldwide application of geoengineering for military purposes. The degree to which it is responsible for weather events currently attributed to ‘climate change’ is a matter of ongoing debate. It has certainly been used to conceal the covert manipulation of weather systems to achieve political and military objectives. Elana Freeland’s comprehensive article, based on years of research and three books, will be eye-opening for many readers. It is a topic that deserves to be widely investigated and debated, especially in the context of the endless, exaggerated fearmongering over ‘global warming’.

Peter Taylor takes this further by exposing the ‘adjusted’ data that the IPCC’s flawed models are based on. He reveals how certain climate authorities have artificially reduced historical readings to make it seem that any apparent rise in temperature from that time to today appears far more severe than in fact it is – to support their exaggerated claims of rampant, man-made, global warming. This and other anomalies are behind many of the objections raised by the 1,400+ scientists who signed the recent World Climate Declaration, which the MSM studiously ignored, just as they have any inconvenient evidence that challenges the orthodox Covid narrative.

Heart disease is still the number one killer in the Western world but how much do cardiologists really understand about how to treat it and how the heart actually works? Dr Stephen Hussey, himself a victim, dissects three main myths, based on his highly recommended book, and describes how the heart really works once one understands the significance of 4th phase water (see article in issue 106) in propelling blood around the body. This, combined with the truth about the importance of cholesterol, will change our understanding of what causes high blood pressure and whether certain drugs are, in fact, the best treatment (see Reviews: A Statin Free Life by Dr Aseem Malhotra).

Seed oils, high in omega-6 fatty acids, are certainly to be avoided, asserts Dr Joseph Mercola, not just for the benefit of heart health but to reduce all degenerative diseases. He and his interviewee discuss the evidence that shows why they maintain that the excessive intake of omega-6 fatty acids over the past 50+ years, mainly from using seed oils for cooking, as well as their use in all processed foods, is the major cause underlying all chronic inflammation and related illness.

After much debate over the way to reduce the spread of Covid, doctors finally accepted the benefit of ventilation, yet failed to appreciate the general health benefits of outdoor, fresh air. This is mainly due, as Dr Richard Hobday reveals, because they have forgotten the Open Air Factor and its powerful, germicidal properties. Despite the dramatic number of lives saved once it was introduced during the First World War, the medical profession has collective amnesia about the outdoor treatment regime that became mainstream medicine, not just for treating tuberculosis, over 100 years ago.

Finally, the death of Queen Elizabeth II marks the end of an era. We pay final respects with a small tribute and a reprint of an article on the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy, a unique network of forest conservation initiatives that involves all 53 countries of the Commonwealth to mark her service to the latter, while conserving indigenous forests for future generations. 

It is noteworthy that the apparent, health-giving properties of forests, later identified in volatile, organic compounds, first inspired the early pioneers of open-air therapy to locate their hospitals in pine forests.

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