Issue 107 Editorial

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by Simon Best

One of the most significant events since the last issue – and one of the reasons for this issue’s delay – is the Better Way Conference in Bath last month, as shown on our cover and described opposite. It was a truly inspiring occasion and I urge those unable to attend to take advantage of their special offer of access to all 60+ videos of the talks for only £49. Here’s to the next!

In sharp contrast is the WHO’s recent meeting to try to introduce a Pandemic Treaty in a blatant power grab attempt to subjugate all countries to its diktats and the agenda of its main supporters, most notably the Gates Foundation and its evil twin, the World Economic Forum (p4). Please support all efforts to stop it.

For those wanting to clear their bodies of the spike protein, the World Council for Health, promoters of the Better Way Conference, has gathered the latest research to produce a detox protocol, which is set out in detail on page 13, and also addresses ‘Long Covid’ and general adverse effects of it and the vaccines.

But the whole issue of the actual existence of the Sars-Cov2 virus is challenged by Dr Tom Cowan, who repeats the statements of leading virologists and scientists that they have yet to see convincing evidence of isolates of the virus. He also details the normal techniques used to isolate any virus and the problems of determining exactly what they really show and how test-tube results should be interpreted. He identifies a number of critical issues that demand much greater clarity to enable accurate interpretation.

Vitamin D is used by many people, especially through the winter, to boost their immune systems, not least against Covid. But Dr Joseph Mercola presents compelling evidence that the most important factor is exposure to sunshine, which not only stimulates vitamin D synthesis but, significantly, also stimulates, via its near infrared wavelengths, daytime melatonin production in the gut microbiome, as opposed to in the bloodstream at night via the pineal gland, strongly boosting the former’s antioxidant action. This reinforces that getting out in the Sun has multiple health benefits besides the well-known one of stimulating vitamin D production. Sadly, too many people, especially in the USA, Dr Mercola points out, are spending too much time indoors when they should be enjoying Nature. 

Man has grown and consumed crops and plants for millennia and, in a new compendium, authors John Akeroyd, Donough O’Brien and Liz Cowley describe the many plants prized by various cultures through the ages for their healing properties. They explore and explain how they have contributed to so many of our modern medicines and drugs, besides their obvious use in herbal medicine.

Sadhguru Sri Sharavana Baba is a Hindu guru with extraordinary powers, originally from India but with an ashram in London. Jean Morris assesses his abilities and spiritual discipline, based on a series of encounters with him by a ‘disciple’, himself psychic, as described in his new book. His descriptions of events he encountered in the guru’s presence will certainly stretch your perception of ‘reality’.

The very nature of our views of accepted reality and who we truly are is the subject of Dr Iain McGilchrist’s new magnum opus. He argues that our current view of both is severely biased by the influence over two millennia of Western philosophy and science, elevating and rewarding the importance of rational faculties, while suppressing and denigrating the intuitive, spiritual and possible psychic faculties. He calls for a profound reassessment of direction before we take our next step in our ‘progress’. 

I again urge you all to constantly update yourselves from reliable, non-MSM sources to find accurate information on what is really going on and be alert to the endless stream of misinformation and deliberate disinformation by those with a clear authoritarian, anti-democratic agenda. 

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