Issue 106 Editorial

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by Simon Best

The multiple health concerns around water are the main focus of this issue – although the endless, deliberate misinformation and scaremongering over Covid remain an ongoing challenge.

The first article examines the wide variety of pollutants in tap water, ranging from well-known chemicals such as chlorine and basic pesticides, to plastic, recent threats, like glyphosate, and pharmaceutical drugs, such as antibiotics and anti-depressants (A major, multi-national study is due to report shortly and will confirm the levels of such drugs in our rivers and drinking water.) All of which strongly indicates the need for some type of filter in every home, given that municipal water filters were never designed to cope with the variety of pollutants in our water today.

Next, integrative medicine practitioner, Meleni Aldridge, describes the extraordinary, pioneering work of Dr Gerald Pollack and his discovery of structured or ‘extended zone’ (EZ), fourth phase water. Its significance for biology and how water functions in the body is profound and opens up a new understanding of many biochemical processes. I can definitely recommend his breakthrough book.

In his article, Hungarian researcher, Dr Gábor Somlyai, examines the amazing potential of deuterium-depleted water (DDW) in many medical areas, especially cancer, and shows its ability to reduce the size of a metastasised, brain tumour – a quite extraordinary finding. Dr Somlyai has pioneered the use of DDW in various health issues and the value of DDW now appears to be getting increased recognition from other doctors and scientists.

Finally, the range of research into the medical benefits of molecular hydrogen is explored in a comprehensive article by Tyler LeBaron, director of the leading US institute on the subject. He covers the modes of application, as well as the large numbers of conditions that it can improve, including those for which there is currently no known treatment, such as Parkinson’s. He demonstrates MH’s huge potential, which deserves much greater investigation by conventional medicine.

The serious shortcomings of certain medical groups, in this case the GMC, is the subject of Dr Sarah Myhill’s article on her battles with it and NICE over the treatment of CFS/ME patients. She has long experience of treating such patients and exposes the GMC’s devious tactics in supporting a completely inappropriate therapy endorsed by a small group of psychiatrists, despite all the evidence to the contrary and to the clear detriment of sufferers. A sorry, cautionary tale indeed!

On the climate change debate, Peter Taylor reveals the IPCC’s deliberate suppression of the strong evidence for cloud cover to explain temperature rises and accuses it of neglecting the former in favour of their flawed model, listening only to those who support it. He also charts the corruption behind the current model, exposing various parties and their vested, often financial, interests – and not least the complicit, gutless media. You will discover just how much you are not being told!

In his final article, Mark Herbert provides impressive evidence for important historical events and persons linked to Burgh Island’s heritage, especially the significance of the overlooked figure of Hubert de Burgh. He also provides a stunning link to two famous pictures by Leonardo da Vinci that appears to identify the island in one of them! The implications are jaw-dropping! And he promises further revelations in the book he is now preparing.

The book reviews focus strongly on the ongoing debate over the lab origin of the Covid virus, the manipulation of data and suppression of dissenting views and evidence, and the role, influence and complicity of major ‘players’, especially Dr Fauci – their importance indicated by the covers of the front cover. I encourage you to read each one to get a fuller, more accurate picture than you will ever get from the mainstream media (MSM). I have added more disturbing evidence and information on page 3. As I have said previously, I urge you all to constantly update yourselves from reliable, non-MSM sources to obtain accurate information on what is really going on, as you certainly will not get it from the craven and complicit BBC and similar media.

Here’s to a saner, less fearful 2022.

PS A new journalist group against Covid censorship, currently with 80+ members but growing by the week, has just been launched: Holding The Line: ;

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