Issue 105 Editorial

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by Simon Best

Much has completely changed, even reversed, in the past few months compared to the status quo a year ago – and continues to do so. The questions around the origin of the coronavirus have gone full circle, with the idea that it escaped from a Wuhan lab, previously rejected as ‘conspiracy theory’, now gathering growing support. 

We have an exclusive interview with Professor Angus Dalgleish, who discusses why he and others are persuaded that the virus was manipulated and escaped from a laboratory. He says that the energetic profile of the spike protein is the giveaway. He also exposes how some journals – including Nature – have tried to prevent him publishing his results.

The evidence for the efficacy of ivermectin grows by the week, as the work of Dr Tess Lawrie and her team in Bath proves (p10). But, equally, those with a negative agenda, including the Government and MHRA, seem determined to reject or suppress the evidence, probably because its acceptance would challenge the legal status of its vaccines rollout. The Indian Bar Association has launched legal action against the WHO for deliberately spreading ‘disinformation’ about ivermectin, another example of the corruption and suppression of any alternate treatment that challenges the mainstream, ‘vaccine-only’ narrative.

In contrast, Dr David Brownstein in the US has now treated 514 Covid patients – and counting – all using only nutrition – no drugs nor vaccines – and every single one has recovered, with no deaths!! Yet Whitty et al continue not to mention boosting the immune system! 

But not so for Dr Joseph Mercola, from whose new, highly recommended bestseller we have reprinted sections on how to boost your immune system. Mercola has long been a staunch advocate of the benefits of vitamin D, C, iodine, etc (all used by Dr Brownstein, above) and is to be saluted for his courage in opposing the dark forces and agencies that have pursued him for his outspoken stance, only recently being forced to remove nutritional items from his website after receiving death threats. It is a testament to the malign agendas of those standing to make vast profits from the vaccines that such Orwellian threats and tactics are now part of the ‘new normal’.

A wider view is applied to understand the spread and severity of Covid by Dr Stephanie Seneff, veteran Senior Scientist at MIT, who presents evidence for the high levels of glyphosate in those countries suffering the worst outcomes. This highly toxic, weedkiller ingredient is also found in biofuels, produced from glyphosate-sprayed crops, and Seneff presents ample evidence of its extensive toxicity in the body, taken from her new book. 

Dr Richard House has done a very thorough analysis of a recent PhD-turned-book by Dr Mateja Černič. He systematically assesses her trenchant dissection of the evidence for the many claims and issues surrounding the whole question of vaccination and safety of vaccines. She is highly critical of the science, evidence and ethics, both medical and commercial, in the whole field and exposes the underhand tactics of Big Pharma in defending their highly profitable business and pursuing and denigrating anyone who opposes them. This is a comprehensive correction to the mainstream media’s current uncritical presentation of vaccine issues.

Finally, Mark Herbert continues in part 3 of his article to present evidence for his theory about Burgh Island, introducing information about Mary Magdalene’s influence in this area of Devon.

In the book reviews, I highly recommend A State of Fear, which presents, with stark examples, the endless fear tactics that the Government has used or condoned to pressure the public to comply and submit to its policies, restrict civil liberties and control behaviour. The suppression of dissent has been unprecedented, together with authoritarian threats to mainstream media not to challenge the Government ‘vaccine-only’ agenda. 

But resistance continues to build.

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