Issue 104 Editorial

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by Simon Best

This issue has been delayed so we could add four pages to be able to include Dr Robert Verkerk’s very important and comprehensive article on the Brave New World of Covid vaccines. Before you give ‘informed’ consent to receive one of the brand new, synthetic biology vaccines, I strongly advise you to read his article assessing their possible hazards and unknowns.

Whatever your decision, you also need to be aware of the mounting evidence of the many benefits of high-dose vitamin D to boost your immune system against any infections, including Covid-19. To date 215 leading doctors and scientists have signed an Open Letter to governments endorsing at least 4,000 IU/ day of vitamin D in order to be able to boost the immune system, which is 10 times the current dosage of only 400 IU being rolled out in the UK right now, which is only useful for bone health. The Open Letter was launched just before Christmas and was sent to Health Secretary Matt Hancock, who has yet to reply but is apparently generally onside, whereas Chief Medical Officer, Professor Chris Whitty, remains to be convinced.

The Conservative MP, David Davis, has taken up the cause and been instrumental in raising its profile both in the media and in Parliament – see page 7.
He is continually on the case and speaks to Hancock regularly, most recently about the evidence coming out of Andalucia.

Some of the latest evidence for a much higher vitamin D intake, especially during the winter, and to combat Covid-19 is discussed by Dr David Grimes, who has been researching the nutrient for over 30 years. He discusses the powerful effect of the Sun and demonstrates the link between vanishing levels of Covid last summer and its reappearance at the approach of winter. He describes the latest evidence from Andalucia in Spain as some of the strongest support for the direct effect of vitamin D status, in this case in the form of the quick-acting calcifediol. The latest results of this intervention are imminent.

The importance of the state of the gut microbiome to maximise our immune systems is the subject of Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride’s article. She has been involved in the area for decades and has developed protocols for restoring gut diversity and proper immune function by tackling gut-related problems. Controversially, she advocates a meat-based diet to maximise immunity and argues against a wholly vegetarian or vegan diet. Those who wish to put the contrary argument can email her on her website.

In these strange times the predictions of the famous American ‘seer’, Edgar Cayce, make fascinating reading. Mark Finnan reveals what the ‘Sleeping Prophet’ had to say about worldwide developments during these very unusual times.

Mark Herbert presents Part 2 of his extensive article and adds further evidence for his thesis that Joseph of Arimathea was in fact buried on an island off the coast of south Devon.

Finally, among the range of book reviews, I would highly recommend Dr Vandana Shiva’s very timely, ONENESS vs the 1%. She skilfully exposes the agendas of certain billionaires who wield huge power and are having such influence over current events, not least funding much of the new types of vaccines that Dr Verkerk examines. Her revelations will force you to view their apparent generosity in a very different light.

Are these new ‘vaccines’ in fact vaccines at all in the legal sense or are they more accurately ‘gene therapies’?

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