Inaugural Better Way Conference spreads truth, transparency and trust

The inaugural Better Way Conference, held in the ancient city of healing waters, Bath, from May 20-22, gathered the most eminent doctors, broadcasters, scientists, health professionals and legal minds challenging the flawed science and prevailing, nefarious narratives concerning the Covid ‘pandemic’. Focusing not on hype but on hope, they discussed strategies for the future of our world and how to not only reclaim, but rebuild society, rejecting the current, globalist, technocratic paradigm.

The conference welcomed speakers, attendees and independent media from all over the world. The stage was set for a series of workshops and panel conversations covering such topics as the reclamation of science, Covid-19 and vaccine health consequences, building active communities, revolutionising the media, human rights and our environment.

The informality, friendliness and sense of collective higher purpose among those gathering was palpable – a welcome inoculation against the fear so long propagated by the medical, media and government establishments about the dangers of Covid.

The opening address by Dr Tess Lawrie, tireless health campaigner, member of organisers, the World Council for Health’s steering committee ( and Director of the BIRD group, focused on promoting the efficacy of ivermectin against Covid (, triggered the crowd of over 500 (as well as those joining online) to erupt in an ovation as she introduced the first of seven panel conversations over the weekend – ‘Reclaiming Science Together’.

Del Bigtree, filmmaker, broadcaster, vaccine campaigner and host of the American TV show, The Highwire, brought his unique energy to the stage, as host and Master of Ceremonies, to rapturous applause. 

The weekend that followed was fuelled by the spirit of this first conversation, laying the foundations for the kind of open debate, analysis and deep insights that epitomised the event, but which are notably absent from virtually all mainstream arenas.

With such luminaries as Dr Robert Malone, Robert F Kennedy Jr, Bret Weinstein, Dr Peter McCullough, Dr Pierre Kory, Dr Mark Trozzi, Dr Reiner Fuellmich and Prof Dolores Cahill among 60+ speakers, including Neil Oliver of GB News, the deluge of information and insights was difficult at times to fully appreciate for the sheer volume, with many of the audience writing furiously or taking images on their phones.

The sunny weather stimulated a sense of optimism and togetherness that infused the speakers and attendees alike, the crowd feeling unified and engaged, the speakers all stepping to the pulpit with conviction and clarity of purpose in their respective subjects. 

Upstairs the many vendor stalls reflected a wide range of interests, with representatives from the Vax Control Group, holistic healing, supplement advice, The Light paper and more. 

It’s almost impossible, given such a setting, with so many leading minds, voices and commentators, not to step away with a renewed conviction and vigour for the fight in which we now find ourselves engaged. An apt and timely event.

Dr Robert Malone, scientist and seminal inventor of mRNA technology, put it best, in a poignant and moving speech noting that we are ‘luminous beings’ and ‘as far as I am concerned the summit of the pyramid of human enterprise is heart, it is not economics, it is us as people’. It would be hard to argue against his words as presenting us with a Better Way forward.

All three days’ videos are now available in an amazing £49 offer at , which lists full details of all speakers and talks.

(Besides my comments as an attendee, the above report is an edited version of the original by Kerry Murray, founder of the United Free Press,, that first appeared in The Light‘s June issue.) Simon Best

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