Glastonbury becomes first council to ban 5G rollout

On 11 June, 2019, Glastonbury Town Council became the first council in the UK to vote to ban the rollout of 5G until an assessment of the medical evidence of possible harm has been carried out. Christopher Baker, who was instrumental in influencing the Council’s decision, was interviewed by BBC TV, which broadcast the interview four times the next day, resulting in huge publicity both nation- and worldwide, which prompted over 5,000 emails to Mr Baker.

On 17 July Frome Council followed suit after a council meeting vote and will not endorse the rollout until it has reviewed the same health evidence gathered by Glastonbury’s. Other local groups across the country are organising to get their council to vote similarly – from Totnes, Stroud and Bristol/Bath to Brighton, Forest Row, London and further north. Relevant websites can be found online or from sites like or, which keep people up to date with developments, while individual activists are giving talks around the country (see back cover).

Recently an online 5G Summit, launched in the US with a host of international speakers, ran for five days (25 Aug-1 Sept) with an online audience of over 200,000 ( Groups are also springing up across Europe and around the world, with various forms of legal action being pursued.

In the UK, two major London conferences on EM radiation health effects at the end of September are about to increase the public and media’s awareness of 5G health hazards. On the 27th the British Society for Ecological Medicine is hosting ‘5G and Health – the Facts, Risks and Remedies’ (, while on the 28th the Radiation Research Trust is co-sponsoring ‘Radiation Health 2019’, with BSEM, ES-UK, Children with Cancer charity and PHIRE (Physicians’ Health Initiative for Radiation and Environment;, see inside front cover. Speakers, some talking at both, include, from the US, Prof Martin Pall and Dr Devra Davis, from Sweden Prof Lennart Hardell, researchers from the Italian Ramazzini Institute, and from the UK, Dr Erica Mallory-Blythe and Dr Sarah Starkey. The conferences will hopefully represent a turning-point in educating the wider public about the health and other hazards presented by 5G. 

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