Issue 103 Editorial

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by Simon Best

We are truly living in extraordinary times. Since the last issue, when we highlighted the Chinese use of high-dose vitamin C to treat Covid successfully – see our website with the photo of 50 tonnes of it being delivered into Wuhan – we have heard virtually nothing from SAGE or Whitty et al about boosting one’s immune system with nutrition, let alone mentioning vitamin C (and D in only minimum amounts), and certainly no discussion of any other approach than the relentless pursuit of a vaccine, despite only a 50/50 chance at best of discovering a safe and reliable one. Yet both Chinese and some American hospital doctors have been using and reporting their successful use of IVC, as well as other nutrients, for over three months! What’s going on?! One glance at page 26 will give you a clue.

The folly of rushing to bring out an inadequately tested vaccine is underlined by the powerful Foreword by Robert F Kennedy Jr to the new book, Plague of Corruption, by American virologist, Dr Judy Mikovits. He recounts multiple instances of corruption involving vaccines and Big Pharma’s malign influence, perhaps the most scandalous being the case of the SV40 monkey virus that now infects some 98 million Americans due to their receiving it in contaminated polio vaccines. Kennedy’s profound message should be a warning to us all –  I urge all readers to get this eye-opening book.

His deep concerns are reflected in the evidence presented by  Dr Malcolm Kendrick for why people should not believe all that the Government and main media are putting out. He explains why the number of Covid deaths may easily have been exaggerated and why so much medical research is now questionable, due to Big Pharma’s influence on medical journals. He cites his own experience of signing death certificates and the comments of two ex-editors of the BMJ and  New England Journal of Medicine, who share his profound concerns over the bias in many published reports.

As if to prove a point, in possibly the first report of its kind, American  Dr David Brownstein and his colleagues have published their successful treatment of 107 Covid cases using only nutritional protocols, including iodine, even of those over 80! Such a study is unlikely to have been accepted by any mainstream medical journal and has been taken down by Google/FB, based on their biased, so-called ‘fact-checkers’!

But the evidence is mounting, as American Dr Thomas Levy shows as he discusses the wide-ranging benefits of vitamin C, high dose or otherwise. With extensive experience in its use, he describes its history of success with other viruses, its mechanism of action and its potential against Covid, supported by very recent reports of success by frontline clinicians.

Likewise, Dr Nigel Rulewski, a British doctor based in the US, details the mounting evidence for vitamin D’s huge health benefits, both via supplementation but preferably from sunshine which, based on 20 minutes’ exposure on a summer’s day, can synthesise 12-15,000 IU of vitamin D in the body, far more than the woefully inadequate, daily amount of 400 IU currently recommended by Public Health England, which contrasts dramatically with the 5,000 IU/day advocated by Professor Michael Holick, at Boston University, a world authority with nearly 700 papers on the subject to his name! Dr Rulewski also cites a few of the growing list of studies reporting the importance of vitamin D status in resisting and fighting Covid, as well as its efficacy in treating it.

Finally, on a refreshingly different subject, Mark Herbert , in the first of a 3-part article, gathers the evidence that points to Joseph of Arimathea being buried, not at Glastonbury, but on an island off the south coast of Devon. In some remarkable detection work, he reveals clues and information that support his case, despite centuries of obfuscation and perhaps deliberate disinformation by interested parties! Watch this space.

So, as we move toward autumn, try to ‘stay safe’ from Government and media propaganda, fearmongering about a ‘second wave’, and other hype, and focus rather on boosting your immune system with the help of health professionals experienced in nutritional medicine.

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