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Contents, Issue 108, Autumn 2022

‘In times of universal deceit, speaking the truth becomes a revolutionary act’
Editor Simon Best assesses some of the evidence that makes this alleged Orwell quote so relevant today

Open Air Factor – the forgotten airborne disinfectant
Dr Richard Hobday explores its historical importance and why it has been overlooked by modern medicine

Weaponising the weather – how climate change is used to conceal geoengineering
Elana Freeland reveals some of the history and development of using weather as a ‘force multiplier’

World Climate Declaration challenges ‘adjusted’ data in IPCC’s flawed models
Peter Taylor exposes the constant lies, misinformation and financial agenda that underlies the UN stance and recent COP27 meeting on climate warming

The heart – a new understanding of how it works and why it gets sick
Dr Stephen Hussey discusses three main myths about what causes heart disease

How excessive linoleic acid wrecks your health
Dr Joseph Mercola reveals why LA, seed oils and excess omega-6 causes so much chronic disease

Regular columns

Editor Dawn Gorman presents poems focusing on the nature of home

A Statin Free Life; The Courage to Face Covid-19 – Preventing Hospitalisation and Death While Battling the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex; Designing Regenerative Food Systems and Why We Need Them Now; The New Heretics: Understanding the Conspiracy Theories Polarizing the World; Beyond Mainstream Medicine – Dialogue towards a new paradigm for health; The Messenger; list of future books for review

Large vitamin D study finds significant reduction in Covid infection and death rates; Spiritual Arts Foundation launch; Silica-rich water can eliminate toxic aluminium from the body; Pair seeks legal case funds; New group challenges ICNIRP and rejects their RF guidance; Judicial Review for 5G case on December 13

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Cover: Chemtrails from aircraft spraying for geoengineering purposes

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