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Contents, Issue 110, Autumn 2023

The Covid non-Inquiry – an exercise in extending state power?
Alex Kriel, member of the Thinking Coalition, suggests the real agenda behind the ongoing Covid Inquiry

Excess deaths since the Covid ‘vaccine’ rollout
Brave MP Andrew Bridgen finally gave his House of Commons speech on excess deaths since the Covid ‘vaccine’ rollout

Why butter is better – and unfermented soy is to be avoided
Reliable nutritional information from the Weston A Price Foundation

The GMC’s political show trial of Dr Jayne Donegan
Dr Jayne Donegan describes the travesty of her ‘trial’ by the GMC, driven by their vendetta over her victory in an earlier trial that exposed their devious behaviour and dishonest practices

Sunshine, skin cancer and vitamin D
Dr Sarah Myhill explains why sunshine exposure is fundamentally important for our health, while Big Pharma continues its endless fear campaign to maximise profits

Boron reduces arthritis so Big Pharma targets borax
The late Australian biochemist Walter Last reveals the many health benefits of boron, especially to treat arthritis, and how vested interests demonised and denied this natural arthritis cure

Mistaken messiahs – Confusing the ‘Jesus’ and ‘Judas’ of Galilee
Dr Paul McGrane discusses his research into historical evidence for biblical assertions forces him to conclusions that strongly challenge accepted beliefs

Regular columns

Editor Dawn Gorman presents poems focusing on an element of infinite chance

Vitamin D3 and The Great Biology Reset; The War on Ivermectin; Messages from a Transcendent Dimension 1943-1965; Saying No to a Farm-Free Future; Better Light a Candle; Conversations with Nature; Medicine in the Stranglehold of Profit; Overcoming the Covid Darkness

Doctors rally to support Dr Aseem Malhotra’s right to raise Covid vaccine safety issues; Aberdeen University cancels care homes vitamin C study without explanation; Findhorn Foundation closes educational programmes; Dr Reiner Füllmich arrested; Chase debanks Mercola

Tributes: Belinda (‘Nim’) Barnes; Anne Silk

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Cover: The chemical element Boron illuminated in the Periodic Table of elements. Ganzo.

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