Inaugural Better Way Conference spreads truth, transparency and trust

The inaugural Better Way Conference, held in the ancient city of healing waters, Bath, from May 20-22, gathered the most eminent doctors, broadcasters, scientists, health professionals and legal minds challenging the flawed science and prevailing, nefarious narratives concerning the Covid ‘pandemic’.

Issue 107 Editorial

One of the most significant events since the last issue – and one of the reasons for this issue’s delay – is the Better Way Conference in Bath last month

Molecular hydrogen therapy

Tyler LeBaron, Founder and Director of the Molecular Hydrogen Institute in Utah, USA, describes the growing research supporting the use of hydrogen in medicineMolecular hydrogen (ie. H2 gas) is gaining significant...

Hydrogen/deuterium ratio – a key regulator in living organisms

Dr Gábor Somlyai, based at HYD LLC for Cancer Research and Drug Development, in Budapest, Hungary, outlines research into the medical benefits, especially for cancer, of deuterium-depleted waterThe stable...

Fourth phase of water – EZ water’s energising ability

Integrative medicine practitioner, Meleni Aldridge explores the implications for treatment from this breakthrough understanding of how water actually functions at the cellular levelWhat if food and drink are not...

Issue 106 Editorial

The multiple health concerns around water are the main focus of this issue – although the endless, deliberate misinformation and scaremongering over Covid remain an ongoing challenge.

Glyphosate, deuterium, air pollution and Covid‑19

With 50 years’ work at MIT to her credit, Dr Stephanie Seneff presents her analysis of how glyphosate may be affecting the incidence of Covid-19 and the appalling damage it...

Ideological Constructs of Vaccination

Dr Richard House presents a detailed analysis of this important PhD-turned-book by Dr Mateja Černič. The need for an informed academic analysis and assessment of the vaccination phenomenon has surely never been more urgent at this time of global, mass, Covid vaccination.

Patent document reveals DARPA possibly created Covid with Gates, Defra, Pirbright Institute and others

A US patent has emerged indicating that Covid-19 may have been developed up to two years prior to its public release.Ethan Huff reports in NewsTarget ( that the Serco Group...

Covid-19 virus came out of a laboratory – the proof

In March the WHO published its report on its investigation into the origins of Sars-Covid-19, concluding that it originated in animal markets around Wuhan. Many disagree and point to...