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In the current issue

Better Way Conference report
Editor Simon Best and Kerry Murray cover the very well received, inaugural, 3-day event in Bath

Searching for the elusive Covid-19 virus
Dr Tom Cowan presents evidence that questions whether the Sars2-Cov ‘virus’ actually exists

Sunshine more important than vitamin D?
Dr Joseph Mercola examines the evidence of a range of benefits from solar-generated melatonin

Spike protein detox guide
The World Council for Health prescribe herbal and other medicines to clear viral and vaccine-induced spike proteins

Plants serve historical and modern-day medicine
John Akeroyd, Donough O’Brien and Liz Cowley, authors of Plants & Us, reveal how plants have influenced health and medicine

Encounters with Sadhguru Sri Sharavana Baba
Jean Morris critiques the startling revelations in this recent book

The Matter with Things
Psychiatrist Dr Iain McGilchrist discusses what he aimed to achieve in writing his new magnum opus

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Issue 107 Editorial

One of the most significant events since the last issue – and one of the reasons for this issue’s delay – is the Better Way Conference in Bath last month

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Molecular hydrogen therapy

Tyler LeBaron, Founder and Director of the Molecular Hydrogen Institute in Utah, USA, describes the growing research supporting the use of hydrogen in medicine Molecular hydrogen (ie. H2 gas) is gaining significant...

Shanghai Government officially recommends vitamin C for COVID-19

(Extracted from Caduceus 102) The Government of Shanghai has announced its official recommendation that COVID-19 should be treated with high amounts of intravenous (IV) vitamin C. Dosage recommendations vary with...

5G call to action!

Fears and evidence grow as roll-out looms To keep up to date, go to: https://www.5gawareness.com/ ; to see a list of over 250 doctors and scientistsurgently calling on the UN and its...


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