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In the current issue

Malhotra presents evidence to Japanese Covid Inquiry
Dr Aseem Malhotra gives his views and evidence of damage from the ‘vaccines’

Drugs cause nutrient loss that triggers illness
Nutritionist Margaret Moss presents the evidence that many drugs cause a loss of nutrients

Raw milk: evidence of beneficial nutrition
Sally Fallon Morrell assesses the nutritional benefits of raw milk and counters the arguments of the pro-pasteurisation lobby

Pinprick blood test predicts dementia and depression risk from middle age
A new test from charity Food for the Brain assess blood sugar, B vitamins, omega-3, vitamin D and homocysteine levels to assess dementia and depression risk

Big Pharma’s corrupt testing of SSRI antidepressants
American midwestern doctor’ exposes how drug makers rig trials to make dangerous, ineffective drugs, like selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, seem safe and effective

Unmentionable Ictis
Mark Herbert argues that the tidal island of Burgh is the ideal Ictis and reveals why it is excluded from history’s ‘official’ record

Travesty of US ‘hockey stick’ trial outcome
Peter Taylor describes the neglected science that contradicts the result of the Mann vs Steyn case

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Issue 111 Editorial

The cover expresses the focus of this issue clearly – the use of nutrition to boost mental and emotional health. The charity Food for the Brain has launched two new tests: one to check levels of vitamin D, omega-3 and B vitamins to assess the risk of dementia from middle age…

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Raw milk: evidence of beneficial nutrition

During the last few years bureaucrats and public health officials have been quiet about raw milk, but then Iowa legalised its sale last May. The accompanying publicity – in The New York Times and USA Today, plus many other publications…

Big Pharma’s corrupt testing of SSRI antidepressants

An American midwestern doctor, who wishes to remain anonymous, exposes how drug makers rig trials to make dangerous, ineffective drugs, like selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs)…

Boron reduces arthritis – Big Pharma targets borax

Australian biochemist Walter Last, who died in 2021, reveals the many health benefits of boron, especially to treat arthritis, and how vested interests demonised and denied this natural arthritis cure…

Sunshine, skin cancer and vitamin D

Dr Sarah Myhill explains why sunshine exposure is fundamentally important for our health, while Big Pharma continues its endless fear campaign to maximise profits

Finding my diamond centre

Viscountess Marina Cowdray describes how her awakening to the spiritual life and sculpting brought her inner peace. I am in the fortunate position of having found two profoundly rewarding passions in my life – following a spiritual path and sculpting

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