Contents, Issue 95, Winter 2016

International Tribunal Against Monsanto
Sam Burcher reports from the Hague where witnesses gave evidence of global harm from Roundup

In search of the true Saint Thomas
Barry Page argues that he was the brother of Jesus and founded his own church in India

‘Truth is the daughter of time…’. Pt 2: Bacon as true author of Shakespeare
Peter Welsford and Claire Nahmad explore Bacon’s promotion of the New World as leader of the Rosicrucian movement

Silicon-rich water reduces toxic aluminium and helps Alzheimer’s
Christina England asks why a water company ceased funding research that supported its product

Cymatics and cymatherapy – how sound vibrations can heal
Dr Robert Gilbert examines their development and research on healing applications of sound codes

Letter to the Editor: Shakespeare: a dream afloat reality

Regular columns

New Global Festivals
Steve Nation says now is the time to work for the new
Poetry: In Tune with the Spirit
Jay Ramsay presents the work of new contemporary poets
The Spine of Albion*; The Interconnectedness of All Things: From the Perpetual Choirs of Britain to the Present Day; Emma Oliver and the Song of Creation; John the Baptist and the Last Gnostics; The Secret Founding of America; Into the Silence; Bones
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Damning exposure of UK AGNIR’s bias and cover-up in RF guidance; Wrekin Trust closes after 46 years; VAXXED London premiere; Brain tumours rise in Denmark; Tributes: Benjamin Creme/Mae-Wan Ho

Cover: A therapeutic code emitted by the AMI 750 sound therapy device, made visible by Courtesy of Cyma Technologies Inc.


In this issue
by Simon Best

This issue’s main article focuses on a specific form of sound therapy – cymatherapy based on the discoveries of cymatics. The latter was developed into a therapeutic tool using sound codes by Dr Peter Guy Manners at his clinic near Evesham, Worcestershire. After he retired in 2005 he passed on all his detailed research and illness-specific sound codes to American researcher Mandara Cromwell, who has since developed them further. Dr Robert Gilbert, of the Vesica Institute in the US, describes this development and the very impressive therapeutic results being obtained with both animals and humans. Although little known in the UK, its potential and applications deserve to be much more widely appreciated.

The toxicity of aluminium has been long known, including its link to Alzheimer’s, but much less known is the ability of silicon to remove it from the body. In pioneering research, Professor Christopher Exley at Keele University has shown that silicon-rich water can significantly eliminate aluminium. Christina England discusses his research but also the strange tale of why one supplier who funded his research, getting positive results, suddenly decided to withdraw their support and forbade him from discussing their funded results. Fortunately, he now has another sponsor who, based on getting similar results, has just launched a silicon-rich, mineral water in the UK.

Australian Hebrew scholar Barry Page, in a follow-up to his previous article (issue 92), discusses the evidence that St Thomas was Jesus’ twin brother and went on to found churches and his own ministry in India, first by himself and then accompanied by Jesus after surviving his crucifixion. He describes differences of opinion between the early churches on the status of Jesus and Thomas that continue to this day. This was highlighted when, on his recent visit to India, he interviewed a preacher of The Church of Saint Thomas in India, which ended rather abruptly when he asked the controversial question: Were both Jesus and Thomas married? His discussion throws new light on St Thomas’ relationship with Jesus and his travels and activities in India.

The second part of Peter Welsford and Claire Nahmad’s article presenting the evidence for Francis Bacon’s (and others’) authorship of the plays attributed to Shakespeare investigates Bacon’s wider agenda in co-authoring the plays. They explore his leadership of the Rosicrucian movement and how he used it to promote the New World, a project to which he was totally committed. Indeed, many consider him one of America’s founding fathers, advocating the ideals of Rosicrucianism as central to the core beliefs and principles upon which the fledgling country was founded. Some will feel that never have they been more in need of them than now!

Finally, Sam Burcher reports on the International Tribunal against Monsanto at the Hague last October.
Many witnesses, including lawyers and civil societies, gave evidence of global harm from Roundup, Monsanto’s over-the-counter weedkiller, containing as it does, glyphosate, a known carcinogen according to the WHO. The company stands accused of ecocide, an emerging law that addresses criminal damage against the fragile ecosystems on which all life depends. The Judges will present their verdict on April 17th.

Apologies are due for the lateness of this issue; moving arrangements did not go according to plan and I find myself currently experiencing the remoteness and mythic energies of Tintagel! Hopefully, by the next issue I will have managed to relocate to the Frome area, as originally planned. Thus, with 90 percent of my ‘stuff’ in storage, and a bout of flu, producing this issue has been no mean feat! Let us hope 2017 is a better year for all of us.

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