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is a healing, spiritual magazine focusing on psychological, emotional, spiritual, ecological and environmental health, therapy and growth, including natural, holistic, energy and complementary medicine.

It explores the frontiers of sacred science and covers climate change, swine flu, Codex Alimentarius, vitamin D, sunlight health benefits, sound healing and therapy, vitamins and minerals, homoeopathy, fluoridation, iodine, electromagnetic fields and pollution, animal communication, 2012, Mayan prophesies, psychic healing, megalithic sites, crop circles, reincarnation and mysticism.

Published since 1987, it is available in 120 UK outlets or by subscription in printed or electronic form.

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Issue 93 Cover

Contents, Issue 94, Summer 2016

Enlightenment conference online
Report on first online Enlightenment conference held in Germany

Oral infections – root cause of many chronic illnesses
Bruce Fife describes the basic link between the mouth’s health and chronic illnesses

Oil pulling – cleansing the mouth to heal the body
Bruce Fife outlines the benefits of this ancient technique to clear bacteria from the oral cavity

Palm reading – ancient art validated by new science
Erin Rose explores new scientific evidence that confirms old interpretations

Is Francis Bacon the true author of Shakespeare’s plays? (Part 1)
Peter Welsford and Claire Nahmad examine the growing evidence for the claim

Tribute: Mae-Wan Ho / Letter to the Editor

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Caduceus News - next issue due in early January

Pulsed magnetic field therapy - Magnacare

Caduceus editor Simon Best has written an article on the benefits of pulsed magnetic field devices, featuring Magnacare, which can be read on the Alliance for Natural Health site: . More details about Magnacare, now available in the UK, can be found at, where testimonials (including one from Prof Linus Pauling) support its considerable benefits for pain and inflammation relief, as well as many other conditions, including recovery from athletic injury.



This MW/RF meter is just one of many products from EMFields that help protect you from the health hazards of electromagnetic fields. For more details and its full range, click on the image.

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